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    Matters needing attention in daily operation of combustion engine
    Time:2014-02-05 Click:
    1) clean the oil filter regularly, every time to see the cleaning at the fuel quality and decide, if using single tubing system, each cleaning filter after restarting burning machine there is a need for the exhaust process.
    2) keep sensitive electric eye clean, sensitive electric eye can be easily drawn out of the socket, after cleaning the back, please note that will be put back on the socket sensitive electric eye, the photosensitive part should be toward the front.
    3) if the bottom of the tank is equipped with a drain valve, every other time it is time to open the drain valve to drain the water and dirt accumulated at the bottom of the tank. If possible, the inner wall of the tank should also be cleaned.
    4) clean the internal combustion engine at intervals of longer periods of time.
    5) near the combustion temperature can not be too high, otherwise it will affect the normal operation or damage to the combustion engine, especially the control box, please pay special attention to body insulation, if it is used instead of the sealed type chassis installation, but must pay attention from mouth with heat.
    6) near the burner should be kept clean, do not pile flammable debris, and if the fuel supply pipe connection has fuel leakage, please check and tidy up before you can continue to use.
    7) unstable voltage may cause damage to some components of the combustion engine.
    8) should avoid burning machine by water splashing.
    9) the chimney design should avoid outdoor wind volume in the return bore,
    10) if it is equipped with a thermostat, thermostat in purchase and adjustment should avoid burning machine switch too frequent, if in every interval is too short and the start stop between the combustion engine may not operating properly.

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