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    Understand the trouble with the burning machine (black smoke)
    Time:2015-06-16 Click:
    Fault sign: black smoke when burning.

    Possible causes:
    Perhaps the air door is too small, or the position of the joint holder is too front.
    May be bad or lack of hydraulic oil, fuel atomization, causing poor combustion, lack of hydraulic foot pump may in addition to loss or pressure adjustment is too low, it may also be due to the blockage in the oil supply system, please check the oil filter and clean the oil tank.
    Maybe the chimney is blocked, or in the furnace flame and thus hinder the bricks fall, if the combustion machine is used for alloy die-casting machine furnace, alloy containing alloy from pot exudation accumulation in the hearth of flame will impede that combustion of black smoke.
    The volume is too small or the chimney diameter may lead to smoke when burning, perhaps the nozzle is too large, if the pressure adjustment is too high, the volume of the original may change cannot accommodate the increase of the flame, burning will appear black smoke.
    If the chimney is fitted with a baffle, please note that there is no proper opening. If the chimney is equipped with a suction fan, please note whether it has started or not.
    It may be a fan of the combustion engine that accumulates a large amount of dirt and weakens the output of combustion supporting air.

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