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    The actual flow rate of fuel injector at different pressure
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    The same nozzle will have different flow at different pressure. With the increase of the pressure of the pump and the increase of the nozzle specification, the injection capacity will increase continuously. According to the nozzle specifications and the setting oil pressure, the fuel injection quantity can be found from the lower table, and the corresponding output of the burner (KW) can be calculated.

    The user can adjust the output of the burner by adjusting the pressure of the oil pump or changing the specification of the nozzle according to the requirement of the heating equipment on the heating. To ensure good atomization of fuel pump, the operating pressure should not be lower than 0.8MPa at the same time, it should be noted that the fuel injection quantity is the maximum allowable value and maximum allowable value than the boiler burner requirements, also does not allow the fuel injection quantity is less than the minimum value of the corresponding output burner.

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