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    Danfoss RSA Series Oil Pump

    Product features


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    Product description

    Oil pumps with piston regulator with shut-off function and built-in filter. RSA is designed for both light oil and kerosene.
    Type of RSA Series Oil Pump
    RSA 28
    (070-5370/ 070-5380/ 070L5370/ 070L5380)
    RSA 40
    (070-3230/ 070-3240/ 070L3230/ 070L3240)
    RSA 60
    (070-3350/ 070-3360/ 070L3350/ 070L3360)
    RSA 95
    (070-3470/ 070-3480/ 070L3470/ 070L3480)
    RSA 125
    (070-3400/ 070-3410/ 070L3400/ 070L3410)

    Technical Parameter
    Rotation speed2400-3600 min-11400-3600 min-1
    Pressure range
    Viscosity 1.3~1.8mm2/s
    Viscosity 1.8~18mm2/s
    5.5-12 bar
    5.5-12 bar
    Factory set pressure7±1 bar10±1 bar
    Maximum starting torquee0.2 Nm0.22 Nm0.24 Nm0.30 Nm0.35 Nm
    Flow50 1/h80 1/h120 1/h190 1/h260 1/h
    Energy consumption63 W70 W89 W161 W211 W
    Weight1.9 kg2.3 kg

    Mounting dimensions

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