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  • Zero distance communication, service zero defect

    • Listen customer's voice

      with our heart

      At Career burner we are passionate about combustion. We strive to deliver this reliable heating solutions backed up by our service team with unrivalled choice of flexible services.
    • Efficiency

      Saves you time and therefore money

      Career Burner combine core competencies, all our divisions rely on teams of specialized staff. Ensure for development, production and quality assurance.

    Efficiency, Convenient, Enthusiastic, Sincere

    Service commitment

    Maintenance overview

    Warranty exception

    Priority application

    Terms of service

    Service flow

    Committed to environmental protection

    There is only one earth, its long and distant history, which has accumulated precious energy for mankind and provided a beautiful living environment for mankind. The economical and rational use of this limited energy and the protection of the living environment of mankind are the goals of our long-term unremitting efforts and contribute to the progress of mankind.

    User feel at ease

    Career Burner combustion engine can achieve optimum performance only when maintained by experts. Therefore, it is important to check and maintain your combustion engine at recommended intervals at the special Career Burner authorized service center.

    1.Acceptance clause
    You are welcome to use Zhibo combustion machine manufacturing Co. Ltd ("wisdom") service. Zhibo provide service for you by the following terms of service (the "terms of service"); the terms of service may be updated from time to time Zhibo without notice. You can always go to the following page: http://www.houseofjethro.com. Browse the latest version of our terms of service.

    2.Service description 

    Through customer registration for Zhibo, and provide the combustion engine and combustion machine parts production, sales, installation commissioning and maintenance service and professional advice . You also understand and agree that the service may include some communications Expo issued, such as service announcements, administrative information and industry information, which is a part of Zhibo service communication. You must provide all the necessary equipment for the service and be responsible for it. You agree, except as otherwise expressly stated in the terms of service. 

    3.Your registration obligations

    In order to be able to use this service, you agree to the following:
     (a) Provide you with the correct and complete information about heating equipment;
     (b) For the safety of the user, the user maintains and updates the registration material immediately to ensure that it is correct and complete. If you provide any false, untrue, outdated, incomplete or misleading information or Tomohiro has reasonable grounds to suspect before the data errors, inaccurate, outdated, incomplete or misleading information, Tomohiro has the right to suspend or terminate your company or provide any services, and refused to you in the present and future use of the company's services. Is very concerned about the safety of users of all wisdom. 

    4.Modification of service 

    Zhibo is entitled to have issued a notice or without notice of the situation, at any time and from time to time to modify the technical parameters. You will not agree to Zhibo because any change to your responsibility. 


    You definitely understand and agree: 
    i) According to the terms of service and perform Zhibo service related obligations, only with reasonable skill and related services to provide you with caution.
    Any of you or from the service from Zhibo for advice or information, whether oral or written, in addition to a clear statement in the terms of service, does not constitute any guarantee. 
    1. Customer demand:
    The customer provides the basic requirements of our company's data burner through interviews, telephone calls and e-mail. It covers application process, combustion fuel, heating requirements, hearth size, etc..

    2. Site investigation:
    If necessary, site investigation can be done.

    3. Offer:
    According to the detailed information supplied by the customers, select the type of the combustion engine and negotiate the price of the project by both sides.

    4. Sign up:
    The two parties will negotiate in accordance with the content of the project and the specific requirements by means of interviews, telephone or e-mail. After the two sides approve, they will sign the "sales contract" and pay the deposit for the project.

    5. Project completion:
    The customer pays the balance according to the contract. After receiving the balance, we deliver the product to the customer. The customer acceptance of the project is up to standard and the customer pays the balance according to the contract stipulations.





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